Barton, Doyle compete for Circuit Court judge title

Spring election is this Tuesday

On April 7 Brian Barton and Gloria Doyle will go head to head as they run for the position of La Crosse County Circuit Court judge. Barton a former prosecutor said his 12 years of experience in criminal law, is what sets him apart.

“Over 90 percent of the cases our judges hear on a daily basis are criminal in nature,” Barton said. “I think to be a good judge in La Crosse County you have to have that practical experience in criminal law you have to know how the procedures work.”

After meeting with both candidates the La Crosse County Deputy Sheriff’s Association decided to back Barton.

“Brian Barton can see both sides of the issue and has been on both sides of the issue, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney,” said Richard Amundsen, president of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. “We know what he is like on both sides of the fence and he will definitely be a fair judge.”

Doyle said her diverse experiences as a both a judge and private practice attorney is what makes her the most competent candidate.

“I’ll be handling a variety of different issues; everything from the family law, which I have a lot expertise in, to things I did when I was in private practice, such as guardianship, termination of parental rights, adoptions, civil law and criminal law,” Doyle said.

More than 100 area judges and lawyers have thrown their support behind Doyle.

“Even when she ruled against me, I felt that she was listening, and weighing the evidence and making the best decision she thought she could make, I think that is real world experience voters need to take into account,” Tom Sleik, a retired attorney, said.

Whoever is elected will serve a six-year term.