Be careful on the roads during winter

MNDOT Officials say clear roads can still be dangerous

We are expecting a significant snowfall this weekend in the La Crosse area, and transportation officials want to urge you to stay safe on the roads.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, even clear roads can be dangerous during the winter months.

“Especially in the evenings where your visibility is limited, that’s where people start to run into some challenges. Early morning or in the evening where the visibility is not good, you can’t see an icy patch. You hit it, you’re in the ditch, and hopefully you’re okay but it does make for a tough day then,” said MNDOT District 6 Public Affairs Coordinator Mike Dougherty.

Officials have a few tips for you to keep in mind. Try to slow down and allow more time for your winter travels, and be aware of your surroundings.

You can find current road conditions for Wisconsin and Minnesota online. Just head to for Wisconsin, and for Minnesota. You can also find smartphone apps for road conditions in both states.