Bear seen around Atlanta captured

A bear that was seen in metro Atlanta has been captured by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

A Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority spokesperson says the bear was darted and “captured underneath a bridge near the west parking lot of the College Park MARTA Station. There were no injuries or delays in service.”

A tweet sent out by user Greatne$$ said “College Park Police just pulled up to my job and said there’s a big black bear loose in the area.” A MARTA public information officer later confirmed the bear sighting and told CBS46 News that Animal Control was handling the situation.

This comes after a vendor snapped pictures of a bear outside the Fulton County Jail on Friday. That bear was rummaging through trash cans and planters and actually went up to the front door but didn’t find anything and slowly wandered away.

That incident happened around 2 a.m. Friday morning.

Also, over the weekend, a family in the north Georgia mountain community of Big Canoe actually caught a mama bear and her cub on the deck outside the family’s home. Two other baby bears were spotted in the backyard of the home.

The family also found a bear in their garage last year licking a pizza box.

Animal Control officials say you should never approach a bear. Just contact your local animal control office.