Beer, Wine & Cheese fest offers more than 200 beers, 45 wines

Tickets sold out weeks in advance

A popular tradition in our area has fest goers taste testing local crafts and brews.

The ‘Between the Bluffs Beer Wine and Cheese Festival’ offers more than 200 beers, 45 wines, and a wide variety of gourmet cheeses. The 14th annual event is so popular the 3,300 available tickets have been sold out for weeks.

While it’s the fest goers that get to enjoy the multitude of products, organizers say the event benefits everyone at the fest.

“They can learn about their product and people can enjoy good craft beer or good wine or good cheese and it has an economic impact because the brewers then make money so they can make more beer,” said Between the Bluffs Beer, Wine and Cheese Fest Co-Manager Clarissa Erickson.

The festival started wrapping up around 6 p.m.