Beginner self-defense tips can have maximum impact

Self-defense can be an extra way for students to safe

 In just the past three weeks, there’s been at least four reported assaults… one at UW-La Crosse… and three others near the Winona State Campus.

While, it takes thousands of repetitions and years of training to become a master of self defense. Experts suggest learning a few moves to keep you safe.  

Klahn suggests using one of  three moves to successfully fend off an aggressor.

1) The Eye Gouge

“You grab the aggressors face to grab and drive your fingers to into the eyes,  and don’t stop until they go the assailant is on the ground in pain,” said Klahn.

2) The Throat Strike

“Bring the hand in a straight trajectory right straight into the throat, try to crush it but if you don’t you will still initiate the gag reflex, and the gag reflex will cause their hands to come back to their own body.

3) The Palm Heel

“Strike upward with the palm of your hand, the primary target is the nose, if you hit that hard with an upward angel the nose will actually split.”

The  UW-La Crosse police suggest taking a self defense class, but point out that there are other thing to do to keep yourself safe including walking with friends,  keeping 911 programed on cell phone, and being aware of your surroundings