Best B&Bs for a romantic honeymoon

Now that the wedding is over, slip away to these romantic spots to enjoy your honeymoon.

Listed below — alphabetically by state — are a dozen wonderful and affordable B&Bs — many less than $100 nightly — owned by soft-hearted innkeepers who will help make your romantic dream a reality. For those looking for the ideal gift this Valentine’s Day, give the gift of getaway to a romantic B<><><><>B./ppemBaby-Making Getaways/em Oh baby, baby! Try the Harborlight Guest House in Cape Carteret, N.C., or Inn at Abbington in Valparaiso, Ind. A romantic getaway may be just what the doctor ordered for lucky couples hoping to conceive. When romance leads to lovemaking, many B<><><><><><><><><><><><><>B guests are thrilled to leave with more than just a warm glow. Guests who had long been trying to conceive a baby finally succeeded when their friends advised them to escape to the Harborlight. Contact: 800-624-8439 or a href=”” Guests of the Inn at Aberdeen who were first engaged, then married at the inn went so far as to name their child Abbie after the memorable place where she was conceived. Contact: 219-465-3753 or a href=”” Beach Resort, Siesta Key, Fla./em It’s never too late for love at Turtle Beach Resort in Siesta Key. Innkeeper Gail Rubinfield explains that Turtle Beach Resort specializes in romance, with private hot tubs for each cottage. One of her favorite stories is about a couple who had been fixed up on a blind date 50 years earlier. It didn’t work out then, but they decided to see if the spark could be rekindled at her inn. Not only did they fall in love, they were later married at Turtle Beach. Renew the spark here yourselves. Contact: 941-349-4554 or a href=”” Tree B<>B, Hilo, Hawaii/em Volcanic explosions set the scene at Orchid Tree B<><><><><><><><><><><>B. After putting considerable thought into advising a very nervous gentleman guest about the ideal place to “pop the question,” the Orchid Tree’s innkeeper and his guest decided upon the ideal scene: sunset followed by moonrise in the midst of spewing volcano Pu’uO’o. Against an inspiring backdrop of a sherbet-palate sunset, the intrepid lovers witnessed a rare and inspiring scene — a night rainbow created by an arc of primary colors shot from the moon to the ebony cliff where the flowing lava sparkled. This phenomenon spoke the truth of their love, and they returned to the Orchid Tree to find 100 candles twinkling around the whirlpool tub, and a chilled bottle of champagne. Contact: 808-961-9678 or a href=”” Hands Oaks at Butler House on Grand, Des Moines, Iowa/em Behind the Butler House on Grand are two stately oak trees that are “holding hands” — they share a branch in common, symbolizing a timeless, unwavering connection. Guests come to kiss under the trees and confirm their commitment to one another. Nervous beaus, honeymooners and anniversary couples have all celebrated their love for one another with a kiss under the oaks. Elegant, designed-decorated guest rooms ensure that the romantic spell is not broken. Contact: 866-455-4096 or a href=”” “Marry Me” Room at Casa Escondida B<>B, Chimayo, N.M./em Those too nervous to ask the question themselves need only book the Kiva Room at Casa Escondida BB, a lovely Southwestern B<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>B. Every time the mirror gets steamed up from showers or bubble baths in the oversized tub, the mirror mysteriously reads “marry me.” Every type of cleaning solvent has been used to try to eliminate the message, but the mirror still magically continues to “pop the question.” The wonderful kiva fireplace adds to the romance, so let the mirror do the talking for you. Contact: 800-643-7201 or a href=”” Hill House, Sugar Hill, N.H./em If you’re looking to pop the question, want to make it memorable and are nervous about the outcome, choose Sunset Hill House. With a little luck, yours will be added to the list of 30 successful proposals in two years, to uphold the record for a 100 percent proposal success rate. Maybe it’s the engagement ring formally served with dessert or the moonlit sleigh ride offering the perfect romantic setting, but most likely it’s the love you and your sweetheart share. Either way, you win. Should you be turned down, you will be consoled with a free night for a second try! Contact: 800-786-4455 or a href=”” and the Tramp at Failte Inn, Athens, Pa./em Failte is the Irish word for welcome. Tramp, the inn cat, has her own style of feline hospitality, best seen when she’s the center of attention. Not to be outdone by a bride in a lovely full-skirted wedding gown, Tramp marched down the aisle alongside the bride and her father, then disappeared under the gown’s hooped petticoats and remained there quietly until the service ended. Inquiring minds are still wondering about the view from Tramp’s vantage point. Contact: 570-358-3899 or a href=”” Inn, Conway, S.C./em Take your love to new heights at the Cypress Inn. Flying high above the landscape in a hot air balloon, Cypress Inn guests have been known to get down on one knee to propose or take the hand of their betrothed in marriage. Hot air balloon weddings are a specialty of the Cypress Inn, and innkeeper and justice of the peace Carol Ruddick is an expert at small weddings. Contact: 800-575-5307 or a href=”” Mountain Inn B<>B, Butler, Tenn./em See fireworks at Iron Mountain Inn BB. This B<><><>B guarantees fireworks on the night you propose. When it comes time to “pop the question” at Iron Mountain Inn, fireworks will go off on signal. Most couples stand alone on the inn’s deck. Once the ring is presented, the woosh of the rocket follows, and then the fireworks really begin! A toast to the happy couple always follows. Contact: 888-781-2399 or a href=””