Best Coffeemakers 10/24/11

There are lots of places you can get a cup of coffee on the go. But many of us need that first cup before we even get out the door. “First thing I do when I get up is go downstairs and I make myself a cup of coffee.” “It gets me going.” Consumer Reports checked out more than 65 coffeemakers from names like Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, and Krups. Most important – brew performance. 

“Part of what we’re looking for in our brew performance test is to see whether or not the coffeemaker can reach the ideal temperature of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.”


And when it comes to today’s coffeemakers, you have lots of options. There are brew and dispense models like this one. This coffeemaker brews up coffee for a crowd on one side … or a cup on the other. And in addition to a traditional carafe, this coffeemaker has a divided basket so you can brew two different types of coffee into two thermoses. When all the tests were done, Consumer Reports recommended several traditional coffeemakers, including this Mr. Coffee, model SJX-33-GT, for just 35 dollars. And with the growing sales of single-serve coffee pods, Consumer Reports also tested more than a dozen designed just for those. Eric Hado, “With coffee pods we look for things like brew temperature, consistency, speed, and convenience.” Testers top-rated this Senseo Supreme SL 7832 for 125 dollars. It was one of the fastest – brewing a cup of coffee in under two minutes, and it can brew two cups at once.”