Big Muddy Run welcomes Saturday’s gloomy weather

People didn’t let the rain stop them from getting some exercise for a good cause.

Saturday, the fourth annual Big Muddy Run welcomed the gloomy weather as well as runners of all ages.

Participants met at Myrick Park to help raise money for the La Crosse Children’s Museum.

Runners could choose to do the 5k or run the one-mile route.


Participants had to run through obstacles, mud pits and foam before sliding their way to the finish line.

The rainy weather seemed to only help make the race a success.

“It just made it so sloppy,” said Anne Snow, executive director for the La Crosse Children’s Museum. “It helped us out. We didn’t have to do much watering down this morning. Everything is soupy, sloppy, sticky, It’s awesome.”

With the help of the participants, the Children’s Museum reached their goal of $25,000.