Bike group on cross-country trek for M.S. stops in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. — A four thousand mile bike ride is helping raise money for multiple sclerosis.

A group called “Bike the U.S. for M.S.” stopped in La Crosse Tuesday during their journey across the country. The group started in Maine last month and will end in Oregon in August.


So far this year, they’ve raised more than $200,000 for M.S. and more than a half million in the past three years.

Even though their stop in La Crosse was brief, they say they’ve enjoyed their time. “We love La Crosse, we’ve only been here a few minutes and just been treated really well, see a lot of bike culture springing up around us, it’s a beautiful place, we wish we could spend more time here,” says Pepper Schuette.

To learn more about their cause or to donate, go to