Bill proposed to make tips tax-free

Tyler Vandewalker is a people person.

“I get personal with the table, that’s what gets people back in, people like to talk,” explained Vandewallker, server at David Reay’s.”

And the people like talking to Tyler.

“He’s been great, great service and quick too,” expressed Carl Calhoun, diner at David Reay’s.

Tyler has been using his skill with people to get him through college, and tips from customers have been what have got him through UWL.

“Probably 90 percent of my income has been serving. We definitely rely on the tips from customers and guests; each tip is like our daily living to pay for our bills and whatnot.”

Without tips, service members don’t make much.

“Tips are our wage. We get 2.53 an hour that’s not much to work with.”

It’s is why a recent bill was proposed to make tips in the State of Wisconsin tax free. According to Tyler, tax on tips can add up.

“You keep having slow days in a row that tax is going to build up and you’ll have slower money. That affects living, billing, rent and phone bill.”

Earning more from tips would help Tyler as he looks to start a career in physical therapy.

“I’ve been applying to rehab and aid tech.”

And while tax free tips would help Tyler, his focus remains on keeping customers happy.

“The better you are with the table the more they’re going to feel for you and a little extra for you.”

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