Birds of prey to be released back into nature

Coulee Region Humane Society nursed owl, hawk back to health

Two birds of prey will soon be back out in nature after being hit by cars.

The Coulee Region Humane Society has been nursing an owl and a Red-tailed Hawk back to health.

The owl was found on the side of the road after being hit near La Crosse last week. The hawk was hit in Eau Claire a couple of months ago.  It was stuck in the grill of the car for about 140 miles. It wasn’t until the driver got to Onalaska that he noticed the bird was still there.

Both birds have been rehabbing with the Coulee Wildlife Rehab Center and are now finally strong enough to be released back into to the wild.

“They really do need to be released back into their own territory, probably has a mate out there that’s been waiting because they mate for life, most prey birds mate for life, so we want to get them back to that area that we can,” said Kathy KasaKaitas, of the Coulee Region Humane Society Animal Control.

The owl was released Tuesday night. The Red-tailed Hawk will be released sometime Wednesday.