Black River Falls’ Heffner serving community as police officer, football coach

“Down, set hut!”

it’s impossible to miss defensive back coach Nate Heffner out during practice…


Because if you can’t see him–

“Woo! Take it! Push! Sorry buddy…that would’ve been bad.”

You’ll hear him.

“Honestly? He just yells,” BRF quarterback Evan Voss joked.

“Ooh it’s Carson!”

“He gets us pumped up on the sidelines even before a game.”

“If you want you can jab him.”

Heffner has brought his high energy to the Black River Falls secondary.

“Just trying to give them any tips of advice that I can from my experience, things that I’ve picked up while coaching to help them be better players and become better men,” Heffner said.

Halfway through practice, the field gets a bit quieter…

“I’m done for the day.”

Because he has to switch from developing Black River Falls safeties–to the safety of Black River Falls.


“That’s the excitement I get out of the job, I can go in and never know what you’re gonna get into.”

“That’s not a beer is it?…you don’t have any ID or anything?….We try to be nice here.”

After years serving his community, he was looking for more ways to be involved with Black River Falls, and he volunteered to help coach the team.

He’s involved for a few reasons. One, he really loves football.


And two, he wants to remind the team that he is more than just a name on a a badge.

“He’s a great person to reach out to, talk to about anything. We mess with him a bit about being a cop, But he’s a great guy.”

“We’re human, we wear the uniform but we feel just like you, we have hobbies just like you, and it’s important for the youth to know that.”