‘Blue’s Clues’ is returning and people have mixed feelings about it

Everything old is new again and for some of those who loved “Blue’s Clues” it’s a little woof.

Nickelodeon is rebooting the beloved children’s show with a new host and a CGI blue pup.

The network released a sneak peek trailer Tuesday of “Blue’s Clues <><>& You” with host Joshua Dela Cruz./pp”Cue the childhood memories! Blue and her crew are back with their new pal, Josh!,” its Nick Jr. channel tweeted. “Check out this first look of Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues <><><><><><><><><><> You!”/ppReactions were mixed, with some lamenting that they missed the original host, Steven Michael Burns./pp”Blue’s clues just don’t hit the same when Steve’s not there,” one person tweeted./ppBut there were also plenty of people who were excited about the show’s return, including the added diversity of Broadway actor Cruz, a Filipino American, as host./ppNickelodeon announced last year it would be bringing the live action show back with Cruz, who was in “Disney’s Aladdin” on Broadway as the understudy for Aladdin and a member of the ensemble./pp”The search for the new host of Blue’s Clues <><><> You was no small task, but we knew as soon as we met Josh that he was the perfect choice,” Shelly Sumpter Gillyard, executive vice president, said at the time./pp”From his genuineness to his comedic timing and range, there was no doubt that he could carry the show on for the next generation of preschoolers.”/p