Bluff hike highlights the beauty of the Coulee Region

Hike up Miller Bluff was part of Earth Week

The beauty of the Coulee Region was the focus of a hike up the bluffs Sunday.

Linked to the Land is a series of guided tours put together by the Mississippi Valley Conservancy to get people outdoors. They are open to the public and take place on different permanently protected lands.

Sunday they hiked up Miller Bluff for Earth Week.  Although the end of the trail does end the tour, the organization aims to give the community something more than just a scenic view.

“The goal would be that they do that on a regular basis with their family,” said Kathy Frise from the Mississippi Valley Conservancy, “their friends and introduce other people to these great trails that we have.”

The next hike in the Linked to the Land series will be held on Mother’s Day.