Body found in La Crosse’s Cameron Park

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — A body has been discovered in La Crosse’s Cameron Park.

La Crosse Police responded to a welfare check Friday morning. The La Crosse Fire Department and the La Crosse County Medical Examiner also responded to the scene on the eastern edge of the park near 5th Avenue South. Responders created a visual barrier around the body.

UPDATE: Police say there are no safety concerns, but some community members disagree. They say they are concerned about a body being recovered in a high traffic area. Apartments, Downtown La Crosse, and a grocery store are near the area. The School District of La Crosse’s Polytechnic school is one block away from where the body was recovered.

Superintendent Aaron Engel told News 8 Now in a statement the district is working the the police department and will “utilize our safety plans and respond with the advice of law enforcement to ensure students and staff are safe.”

Community members say they’re concerned more incidents like this will occur.

“I won’t say that it hasn’t ever been reported in the past – fatalities have occurred in that area, but we wanna do our best to stay safe. Safety first,” said La Crosse resident Eric Pestorious.

Last year, one unsheltered person died at Houska Park. On Monday, Houska Park’s campground permit expired. No hotel vouchers were given to individuals this year.

“If they’re able to be off the streets, or the park, or whatever, I think that would help mitigate some problems,” said La Crosse resident Shantel Hartzell.

The city’s homeless service coordinator Brian Sampson previously told News 8 Now people should expect to see an increase of unsheltered people in public and private spaces. In the meantime, community members say this death is a reminder that a solution for La Crosse’s homeless crisis is necessary.

“This is just a little bit shaky to hear, It’s really sad, but more people should know these things because it is important people are aware of what’s going on in the community,” said Hartzell.

Police have confirmed the woman visited the park frequently and they say this is an ongoing investigation.

This is a developing story. News 8 Now will update it as more information is available.