Boehner: Bachmann did well in GOP debate

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker John Boehner says GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann did a “really good job” in Monday’s debate. She and another House member in the race, Texas Rep. Rand Paul, have as much chance as the other contenders to win the party’s nomination, he added.

Boehner, who has called Bachmann a friend but did not endorse her bid for a House leadership post, said Tuesday that she is a “bright light” in the GOP caucus. That’s why, Boehner said, he appointed her to the prestigious House Intelligence Committee.

During the Minnesota Republican’s breakout performance Monday, she announced that she had filed the necessary papers to be a candidate. Bachmann, a tea party favorite, is the only woman in the seven-candidate field. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is considered the front-runner.