Bond set for Boscobel man busted with 30K worth of pot

A $25,000 cash bond is set for a Boscobel man found with nearly $30,000 worth of marijuana outside the Amtrak station in La Crosse.

25 year old Reuben Dudenbostel faces charges of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Police arrested him Tuesday morning just outside the Amtrak station with more than 7 lbs. of marijuana in his bag.

La Crosse Police received a tip from Amtrak Police in Portland, Oregon that Dudenbostel was acting suspicious.

Officers say collaboration like this is vital to keeping the streets clean. “Especially with drugs, drug trafficking, drug dealers, they’re constantly on the move, not only are they moving, but their product is moving, so that information needs to pass along and pass along quickly,” said La Crosse Police Lieutenant Patrick Hogan.

Hogan says public assistance is one of the most helpful tools for a police department’s success.