Bonded dogs, one blind, reunite in Virginia

Two dogs, one blind, were recently adopted together. A few days later, the blind 12-year-old dachshund, OJ, was found on a rural road 100 miles away.

The 6-year-old pit bull, Blue Dozer, was still with the woman who adopted the pair. After persuading her to return the pit bull, the dogs were reunited late Wednesday, The Washington Post reported.

“Our main concern is, they needed to be together,” said Christie Chipps Peters, director of the Richmond Animal Care and Control shelter. “They’re a unique, bonded pair. OJ can’t see well, and he needed his buddy with him.”

The dogs were original brought to the Richmond shelter April 20 when their owner became homeless and could not longer take care of them, the Post reported. The owner requested that they stay together.

“You’ve got this giant, beautiful pit bull mix and this tiny dachshund, and they’re inseparable,” Peters told the Post.

The shelter posted about the pair on Facebook and their heartbreaking story went viral.

“OJ is blind and depends on Dozer to show him around,” the shelter wrote. “We can’t stand the cuteness and kindness these two share. Anyone willing to love a bonded pair of perfection?”

A woman adopted them on Sunday and Peters said there “wasn’t any cause for concern,” the Post reported.

A man found OJ near Staunton, Virginia, and brought the dog to the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center on Tuesday. The shelter found out it was OJ by using his microchip, the Post reported.

The woman claimed someone had been watching OJ, the Post reported. She told Peters that she wanted to keep Blue Dozer, but that the shelter could keep OJ. The shelter wasn’t having it — and neither was the public.

Peters said the woman started receiving death threats — more than 600 — on social media. She eventually agreed to turn over Blue Dozer to shelter officials, the Post reported.

Right now, the shelter is focused on “snuggling them together,” the Post reported. They’ll eventually allow an adoption and will require the new owner to sign a document promising to keep the dogs together.