Booster vaccinations discussed at online Mayo Clinic Health System forum

Doctors discuss latest vaccination

LA CROSSE, Wis, (WKBT) – Mayo Clinic Health System hosted an online forum Thursday to talk about fighting Covid-19.

One subject was the possible need for booster shots.

The CDC Advisory Committee is meeting Friday to talk about who will need boosters.

According to the doctors in the forum, those with weak immune systems might be the first to need boosters because the antibodies may not last long enough.

“The question is whether every adult population will get a booster, we don’t have the data yet. We need more studies to tell us how long the antibodies from the vaccine will last,” says Dr. Raj Palraj, an Infectious Disease Physician with Mayo Clinic Health System.

He says some studies are showing the antibodies can last up to six months, but more research needs to be done.