Brad Pfaff, House Democrats say Derrick Van Orden doesn’t share Wisconsin values

(WKBT)- Wisconsin Third Congressional District candidate Brad Pfaff says his Republican opponent Derrick Van Orden doesn’t share western Wisconsin values.

Pfaff pointed to Van Ordens’ time in Washington during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Rep. Gwen Moore joined Pfaff for a press conference today. Pfaff says this race is about choosing someone who’s put western Wisconsin first.

“What the people have shared with me is ‘Brad, this cannot continue. We cannot have somebody who was out there and part of that,'” said Pfaff.

Van Orden did not respond to Pfaff’s comments about Jan. 6. Instead he sent News 8 Now the statement below:

“Brad Pfaff is a career politician running to be Nancy Pelosi’s next rubber stamp and this event proves it. It’s no surprise to see Pfaff standing with radicals that vote with Pelosi 95% of the time. His campaign is floundering and he will continue to run on slander because he has no platform. Highest inflation in 40 years. Highest murder rate since the FBI started counting. 100,000+ Americans dead from fentanyl overdoses. These are the things that people in the 3rd care about, I know because I speak to hundreds of our folks every week.”

Pfaff and Van Orden face off for outgoing U.S. Rep. Ron Kind’s seat on Nov. 8.