Bradley loses Secretary of State race by ‘heartbreaking margin’

La Follette has held the office for 30 years

A La Crosse man made a name for himself in this election, even though he lost.

Julian Bradley came what he calls “painfully close” to beating long-time incumbent Doug La Follette for Secretary of State.

Out of about 2 million votes cast, Bradley lost by about 50,000.

Bradley, a virtual no-name statewide before this election, put more than 50,000 miles on his car during his grassroots campaign.

He says his campaign has been all about hard work. “We may not have crossed the finish line first but we’re going to cross the finish line, we’re going to do that, and it just proves, what we’ve done here proves that hard work does pay off, we’ve gotten closer than anyone else ever has,” said Bradley.

Bradley put so many miles on his car, it broke down. He actually took a rental car to the election night party.

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