Brice Prairie EMS and Rescue receives Argo vehicle from Petticoat Junction

BRICE PRAIRIE, Wis. (WKBT) — Brice Prairie first responders have a new tool they believe will make their community safer.

Petticoat Junction donated a vehicle to the Brice Prairie EMS and Rescue Team.

It’s called an Argo.

The 6×6 amphibious, all-terrain vehicle will allow first responders to travel through water and on trails.

It can also drive on ice.

Because the Argo floats, first responders say it’s the perfect vehicle for ice rescue missions.

“There’s canoe trails, as well as hiking and biking trails too,” said Service Director of Brice Prairie EMS Chris O’Hearn. “It’s important for us to access those areas quickly and rapidly and this machine actually helps us meet all those needs.”

The Argo will be on display at the 13th annual Rockin’ the Prairie Fundraiser on August 27.