Brice Prairie mom takes to social media to make son’s 5th birthday memorable

BRICE PRAIRIE, Wis. (WKBT)- A Brice Prairie mom is doing all she can to make her son’s 5th birthday party a memorable one. 

His sweet smile will melt your heart. Victor Stodola’s birthday wish will pull at your heartstrings. The 5-year old’s family planned his party for Saturday June 19th.  No one from his 4k class can make it.I think it’s very much timing with festivals going on and Father’s Day, ” says mom Erin Stodola.  Rather than cancel, Erin took to social media to invite everyone on Brice Prairie. “It’s not about gifts or anything like that, it’s just about celebrating and having a good time,” explains Stodola.

Victor will enroll at a new school this fall. His birthday wish is to meet 10 friends ahead of time. The Stodola’s have no clue how many people will show up for pizza and cupcakes. No matter what, they will make it a party to remember. “Were going to roll with it and see what happens,” says Stodola.

If you’d like to stop by tomorrow and wish Victor a happy birthday, you can message his mom on Facebook.