Bridal shower games guests will want to play

At bridal showers, games can be necessary additions that aren’t always welcomed by guests. However, games serve as good ice breakers and they can be a lot of fun. Check out these games that guests will actually want to play.

Who Am I? Each guest places the name of a celebrity on their forehead and the fellow guests give them hints about who their mystery person is until they guess the correct name.

Trivia: Create a trivia game based on questions about the bride and groom. These can be fun facts about them as children and teens, and also questions about their relationship and their life together.

Guess the bride’s age: Get a collection of pictures of the bride at various ages and display them in a random order. Have the guests try to put the photos in order from youngest to most current.

Guess the celebrity couples: Test your pop culture knowledge by trying to match the celebrity bride to her groom.

Go on a scavenger hunt: Create a scavenger hunt based on the bride’s favorite things and places. The guests will have fun trying to figure out the clues and searching throughout the house and neighborhood for the next clues.

Have a wine tasting: Have a wine tasting during the shower. You can also have guests try to guess the type and quality of wine they are tasting.

Dice game: The classic shower game is the dice game, where guests roll the dice to see if they get doubles. If they do, then they get to pick a prize.