Bring Your Pets Indoors During Cold Weather

Coulee Region Humane Society recommends shorter walks as well

You may want to bring your pets indoors during these colder months.

The Coulee Region Humane Society says a good rule-of-thumb is if you feel cold outside, your pets will as well.

In below-zero temperatures your pets could start getting frostbite in a matter of minutes. Their paws are especially sensitive during the winter since they are in constant contact with the ground and snow.

The Humane Society also says leaving your pets in the car is still a bad idea during the winter.

“It acts like a refrigerator. Instead of what I thought would be that the animals could be warmer in the car, as in a dog house, it actually is the opposite. The cars actually hold the cold in longer so it’s actually colder in the car than what most people think,” said Coulee Region Humane Society Animal Control Supervisor Kathy Kasakaitas.

If you have outdoor pets, the Humane Society suggests you have a spot for them out of the wind. It is also recommended you have a platform off the ground.