Bruno the cat finds new home after becoming worldwide sensation

A new home has been found for a 7-year-old cat with extra toes and a quirky habit of standing on his hind legs.

The no-kill Illinois shelter where he’s been staying helped Bruno become a worldwide video sensation. Wright Way Rescue in Morton Grove posted a Facebook video Monday of the phone call to the person they chose out hundreds who applied to adopt the hefty, personable feline.

“Bruno is going to have the BEST life,” the shelter posted Monday night. “He’s going home tomorrow at our Business After Hours event!”

Shelter officials said said Bruno didn’t learn to stand on his hind legs from his foster family and they’re not sure how he developed the habit.

“We don’t believe it’s due to any medical issues,” a shelter representative told Huffington Post. “Just a fun trick!”

Bruno is also polydactyl, meaning he has a few extra toes. The shelter talked about Bruno and his quirky behavior on its Facebook page.

Although the 25-pound cat is overweight, shelter staff said he is healthy. But, they said the extra weight may have been part of why his previous owner surrendered him.

“Sadly he did not mesh well with their kids,” the rep said. “We believe because of his weight; he likely wouldn’t be able to scurry away quickly from commotion like cats of a healthy weight are able to do.”

The shelter told HuffPost Bruno is particular about his toys, preferring only to play with feather wand toys. He won’t have anything to do with other toys or scratchers.

He also needs specific attention during mealtimes.

“It took my foster mom a little time to realize what I was meowing about since she had just put food in my bowl,” the shelter posted on Facebook. “Soon she found out its because I want pets while I eat! I will still eat if you don’t pet me, but I will meow more and stare at you for a while.”

But, don’t try to pet Bruno on the stomach or you’ll get your hand batted away, and he’ll pretend to bite you, the shelter said. He also won’t drink his water in the same room where his food is located, but the shelter said that is fairly typical behavior for cats.