Bucks superfan shows off pride ahead of NBA Finals Game 2

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) – The Milwaukee Bucks lost Game 1 of the NBA Finals to the Phoenix Suns, but their fans are not giving up hope.

Some just so happen to carry more pride than others, including this young superfan you’re about to meet.

Sometimes just watching one highlight is all you need to fall in love with your team.

“They’re always winning all the time,” 7-year-old Bucks superfan Ansel Frydenlund said.

Frydenlund of West Salem started watching the Bucks when he was three.

“So you know how they like backwards, and then they dribble, and they turn around and just shoot?,” Ansel said. “That’s what he did and that’s why I’m just like ‘I want to watch this more.'”

Ansel is talking about once watching Khris Middleton highlights on YouTube.

His favorite player though is Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“He’s like more bigger and better,” Ansel said.

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Seven-year-old Bucks superfan Ansel Frydenlund. Photo courtesy of Jessica Frydenlund.

But he loves the whole team, and he has the gear to prove it.

“I have like shoes, and jerseys and a lot of clothes about them, like the one I’m wearing right now,” Ansel said.

And even blankets dedicated to his favorite squad.

“It’s very expensive, because anywhere we go, and there’s Bucks stuff, we always have to come home with it,” Ansel’s mom Jessica said.

Jessica says their passion for the Bucks runs in the family.

“I think my husband and Ansel are a little more vocal when things don’t go quite right,” she said.

But it’s what the players do off the court that Jessica admires the most.

“It’s very rare to have almost a whole team where you can feel OK as a parent to allow your kids to look up to them as role models,” Jessica said.

Giannis, a native of Greece, came from nothing and worked hard to become an NBA superstar.

Middleton has not taken any shortcuts to get to where he is either.

“I just love those are the athletes that my kid looks up to and says ‘I want to be like that,'” Jessica said.

A mom showing her appreciation to a team that now has the opportunity to put together a championship highlight reel for one of their biggest young fans.

“They’re going to win the superstar championship,” Ansel said.

Ansel says he would scream if he saw the Bucks bring home the title this year.

He has not been to a game in Milwaukee just yet, but he is hoping that changes soon.