Burke visits Pfaff Family Farms in Holmen

Candidates begin final push as election draws near

Next week Wisconsin voters will elect their state leader for the next four years.

The leading candidates are making a last big push to bring voters to their side.

Mary Burke visited the Pfaff Family farms in Holmen. She talked about the need to help farmers get the financing they need to keep up with the changing industry. And Burke believes that can only happen if our divided state comes together.

“In business, that’s how you do things. You sit down at the table, you find common ground, you look at solutions and how you’re going to move forward, instead of seeing things through some partisan lens. I don’t care if ideas are republican or democratic, just whether they’re going to work,” said Burke.

Burke also visited the ‘Hidden Valley Farm’ in Melrose Monday afternoon.

Governor Scott Walker started his campaign in Madison on Monday.