Bus company making adjustments to routes before school year

The School District of La Crosse’s bus company is making some last-minute tweaks to its routes.

Go Riteway says all of its routes have been filled and it sent out route letters to families in the district over the weekend, so parents should see them in their mailbox in the next day or so.

The company says it wants to hear from parents if something doesn’t look right on the letter or if they’re expecting their child to ride the bus but didn’t receive a letter.

“If you want to double check, we always appreciate getting the calls this week. It’s a lot easier to field the calls this week than on September 5th,” said operations manager Michael Wohlfert.

Wohlfert says if your child isn’t on a bus route, they can still be added, but you might have to find another way to get them to school at the start of the year.

“If they didn’t get their child routed yet, it might be a week or so after school until we can get them on a route as the routes have all been built and finished and we can’t make too many major changes,” said Wohlfert.

Go Riteway says it’s easier to make last-minute changes if a child is getting picked up at a neighborhood stop.

If you’re in the La Crosse School District and have any questions about you’re child’s route you can call the bus company at 608-881-6370.