Business owners get creative to bring in big crowds for Super Bowl

Owners hold special promotions for customers

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most-watched sporting events of the year, so business owners are getting creative to bring more customers through their doors.

Local business owners said they look forward to Super Bowl Sunday ever year because the business is great. However, with more and more people holding Super Bowl parties at home, they have to continually find new ways to draw in big crowds for the big game.

Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for players, sports fans and of course, local businesses.

“We have to order extra product, food and beverages. Definitely a lot of things like wings and appetizers,” said James Steinbrink, the general manager of Features in Holmen. “We will have to bring in some extra servers, extra bartenders and extra cooks on hand as well.”

Steinbrink said the bar fills up quickly and so do the ticket orders.

“We’ve already had quite a few of wing orders to go. They’ve called ahead of time for their house parties as well,” said Steinbrink.

Steinbrink started planning Super Bowl events a month ago because he knows there’s tough competition.

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“We always try to have promotions going on and make the Super Bowl special and really have something going on because you are competing against house parties,” said Steinbrink.

So you have to be creative. Steinbrink starts holding promotional events early in the season to make it a great experience for customers.

“People are excited. That will bring a lot of people that came in for our promotion throughout the season to come in and watch the Super Bowl,” said Steinbrink.

Abby Singerhouse, a server and bartender at Howie’s of La Crosse, said she doesn’t expect too big of a rush Sunday night.

“We do get busy pretty much every Sunday for football games,” said Steinbrink. “We are used to it. Every Sunday it’s the same deal.”

However, they’re still trying to draw in a crowd with a little something extra.

“We are having a raffle where we will bring in a bunch of people to give away tickets and give away prizes,” said Singerhouse.

“Kind of different activities always going on, people like to win prizes,” said Steinbrink.

So if you decide to head out for the Super Bowl, you might just become a winner yourself.