CA community believes chupacabras are after their pets

Members of a community in Southern California are convinced they’ve seen the mythical chupacabra–and it could be stalking their pets.

The Huffington Post reports three residents of Riverside have claimed sightings, including Cary Shuker, who said he “shooed away” the animal from near his home. He said it was two feet longer than “the biggest coyote you’ve ever seen,” and it snarled at him. He thinks the animal was hunting his cat.

Experts believe the creatures in question are probably coyotes or other more common members of the canine family with mange.

“Chupacabras are not a thing,” Andrew Hughan, spokesman for the California Department of Wildlife said. “People label dog-like cryptic beasts ‘Chupacabras’ because they love mysteries, and it’s the hip thing to do.”