Caledonia cheers on hometown boys in NFL match-up

In a small community of just under 3,000 people, it’s pretty easy to know everyone. However, not many places can claim two NFL players from the same high school, let alone playing each other in a game.

That was the case Thursday night for Caledonia’s Isaac Fruechte of the Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans defensive end Karl Klug.

The Vikings-Titans preseason game Thursday featured both of the local players.

It’s an event that doesn’t happen very often, but one that the community is proud of.

“It’s 200% plus. Words just can’t describe how proud we are of both of them. We’re behind them all the way, win or lose,” said Klug’s cousin Melisse Bowen.

Viking fan Keli Lager said, “it’s pretty amazing we all get together and cheer them on, and we’re very proud of them.”

Karl’s father Dan was in Caledonia Thursday night to watch his son as well.

While it’s been a few years since Karl played in high school, he knows the town is still cheering him on.

“These two guys here, Isaac and Karl, they turned into everybody’s boys now. These are Caledonia boys, and they are Coulee Region boys. They are southeast Minnesota boys. Everybody takes ownership and it’s fun. They’re ours,” said Klug’s father Dan.

Fruechte’s family traveled to Nashville for the game.

It’s not known yet whether Fruechte has made the Vikings final team roster. The final cut for NFL teams is Saturday.