Caledonia Football moving forward

Warriors turn last season early playoff exit into motivation

An early playoff exit a year ago gave the Caledonia football team motivation at the beginning of the season, and it still serves as motivation late in the season. 

“Last year we were a little disappointed with the outcome and we wanted to change things around,” said senior Tanner Langen.

“Drive we’ve had, we’ve all been, we’ve all wanted it.  Wanted it more than last year,” said senior Devan Heaney.

“We weren’t going to be satisfied with second place in the section and these guys came and they proved that, and we threw that picture away and we’re moving on and it’s one game at a time,” said head coach Brent Schroeder.

The Warriors have moved on and advanced throughout the playoffs with only one win between them and the state championship game.  Coach Schroeder admits that while the Warriors may not have the same depth they once did, this year’s team simply knows how to win.

“We’re right here in the end, just doing the same things we’ve done in the past and we’ve won a few close ball games and here we are,” said Shroeder.

“Everyone’s giving one-hundred percent all of the time and I mean everyone wants to be here and are excited to be here,” said Langen.

Their journey continues this weekend when they’ll face BOLD in the state semifinals.

“We don’t want to end this weekend.  They want that shot at the state championship and I don’t think these seniors are going to be satisfied with anything else,” said Shroeder.

“We’ve just got to bring it all the time.  We got to be leaders, just keep going.  We got the tools to do it; we got the coaches and everything to do it.  We just got to go out there and play hard and come out as winners,” said Langen.

As far as the Caledonia football team has come, they hope the road doesn’t end there, needing just two more wins for the program’s seventh state title.

“It’s the ultimate goal.  It’s what we’ve been working for all year,” said Heaney.

Caledonia’s matchup with BOLD on Saturday is familiar circumstances for both teams.  They played each other in the state semifinals exactly two years ago to the date.  Caledonia would win that game and go on to win their third consecutive state title.

Caledonia travels to Eden Prairie High School to play BOLD at noon on Saturday.