Campbell Town Board meets to discuss possible discipline for Police Chief

Board discusses findings from an independent investigation

The Town of Campbell is closer to making a decision about their embattled Police Chief.

Chief Tim Kelemen plead no contest after signing up a local activist for online websites including insurance, dating and porn sites.

The Campbell town board met in closed session for more than two hours Wednesday, and emerged without a decision.  The board met for the first time since the completion of an independent report about the chief’s actions.

The investigation was lead by La Crosse Attorney Frank Doherty, who had access to witnesses, police files and even the Chief.

Town of Campbell Attorney Brent Smith says the process is still ongoing and wouldn’t comment about what they talked about in the meeting. But Smith says he feels the board is acting in a timely manner. “When Mr. Doherty was hired we were hoping things would happen, he’d have his report done late August, early September, that happened, now we’ve met, course we didn’t wait long to meet since the report’s done so I think there’s a sense that we want to move this along,” said Smith.

Because the process is still ongoing, the Town’s Attorney would not comment on the contents of Doherty’s investigation.

If the board decides discipline is necessary, they will create a three person panel of outside representatives. Chief Tim Kelemen has been on leave since mid-June.