Candidates for the 94th District Assembly answer questions about Governor Evers’ emergency order limiting capacity

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — The three candidates for the 94th Assembly seat took part in the virtual debate this afternoon. Democratic incumbent Steve Doyle and challengers Republican Kevin Hoyer and independent Leroy Brown took part. It is one of five debates has, or will be streamed on
Topics included the handling of COVID-19, economy, infrastructure improvements, and agriculture.
Incumbent Steve Doyle was first elected to the seat in 2011. He said he supports Governor Evers’ most recent emergency order, but he does wish there was more communication among representatives to make decisions regarding the pandemic.

“The problem that I have is that Wisconsin does not have a plan. When I say that, what I mean is that we don’t have a plan because the governor unilaterally cannot create a plan,” said Rep. Doyle.

Republican Kevin Hoyer farms in northern La Crosse County. He said on the business end of the order, it’s hard to give a recommendation to the businesses struggling.

“They need to survive. They need to be able to make the decisions that is good for them, their families, and their business. These business owners need to have support,” said Hoyer.

Leroy Brown elected to run as an independent, after calling the Republican and Democratic parties unsatisfying. Brown said he agrees with the order, but thinks more legislators should’ve had input.

“I agree with the spirit of the law, I do question whether.. on it’s legality on the continued extensions. And definitely agree that the legislature should step in to provide the ultimate answer here,” said Brown.