Candler campaigns for Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District

A U.S. Congress hopeful stopped in the area Friday, explaining how his representation would benefit Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District.

Andrew Candler is campaigning to replace Tim Walz in the district. Walz is running for governor in Minnesota.

The political newcomer believes children should be told there are only two genders and one sexuality.

He wants to ban all abortions, regardless of underlying reasons.

Candler says, “this would be abolishing every form of infanticide from the face of the Earth. Life begins at conception. I believe every child is a keeper from the moment of conception, and they should be forever free to live.”

When asked about other issues he might like to address, Candler said his children’s rights stances would be his main focus and other legislators could handle other major issues.

Candler describes himself as an abolitionist.

The fall primaries are August 14th, and the general election is November 6th.