‘Cantstandya!’ Jerry Seinfeld for teasing a ‘Seinfeld’ reboot

Will there really be a “Seinfeld” reboot? Or is it all a tweet about nothing?

It all started with Jerry Seinfeld’s apparent admiration for New York Mets star Pete Alonso, who just set a MLB record for the most home runs in a season by a rookie.

On Sunday Seinfeld tweeted a tease.

“Deeply contemplating “Seinfeld” re-boot if I can lock up @Pete_Alonso20 for next episode of “The Boyfriend,” the comedian wrote.

“The Boyfriend” two-part episode of the hit NBC sitcom, which ended in 1998 after nine seasons, centered around another popular Met — former first baseman Keith Hernandez. In the episode Jerry meets Hernandez, his idol, and wants to make a good impression but grows disenchanted after the baseball star breaks their plans to go on a date with Elaine.

We are almost positive “Seinfeld” won’t be coming back because of Alonso. But that didn’t stop Seinfeld’s wife from weighing in on the whole thing.

“Oh my,” Jessica Seinfeld wrote in the Instagram caption of a photo showing her husband’s tweet. “@pistol_pete20 look what have you done to my husband.”

Yadda yadda.