CapX2020 project is complete, but towers may need replacing

Towers need to support more lines

The construction of 800 miles of electricity transmission lines is now complete, but some of the project may need to be replaced.

The CapX2020 project finished in September, but a mile of towers in our area will need to support lines from another power project, meaning they will need to be larger.

11 utility providers worked through 13 years to complete the project. Xcel Energy leaders have called the lines a ‘renewable energy super highway in the Upper Midwest,’ saying the lines provide another reason to expand renewable energy production in our area.

“It helps our area partially because it’s just a reliability improvement, it gives us more options, it prevents having to build smaller lines in within the next decade or two. It’s just a real asset to this area,” said Xcel Energy Community Service Manager Mike Herro.

The towers needing to be replaced will support lines for the Cap X 20-20 and Badger-Coulee Line transmission projects.