Cause of fatal Caledonia plane crash still unclear

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has announced the cause of a fatal plane crash in southeastern Minnesota cannot be determined.

Four Michigan men were traveling in the plane bound for the Houston County airport on November 1, 2013 when it crashed in a Caledonia field.

Killed in the crash were 79-year-old Joel Garrett, 49-year-old Dale Garrett and 50-year-old John Paul Bergeron.

Joseph Stevens, the sole survivor, said he doesn’t remember the crash or why the plane attempted to land less than a half-mile from its destination. The NTSB Report said he’d flown with the three men numerous times, and never observed anything unsafe with the pilots or airplane. There were no reported witnesses to the crash. It was discovered by a local resident.

The NTSB concluded the crash was caused by the pilot’s loss of control for unknown reasons. Officials say the crash will remain a mystery because there weren’t any weather problems, lack of fuel or distress calls made to air traffic controllers.