Celebrating safely: La Crosse Police detail fireworks you can buy without permit

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Before running out to buy fireworks for July 4 celebrations, officials warn that residents may want to do some research first.

Even if you can find them at the store, not all fireworks are legal.

La Crosse police say to stay away from firecrackers, bottle rockets, or any firework that explodes or leaves the ground. Those are illegal to use without a permit.

In Wisconsin, sparklers and stationary cones and fountain fireworks are all legal without a permit.

Police also advised that not everyone likes fireworks and to be mindful of those in surrounding areas.

“Sometimes because we don’t know. It could be fireworks, it could be a shots fired call, it could be a backfire of a car,” said Capt. Avery Schott. “So we don’t know necessarily what it is and that causes concern for some of our residents and officers as well as we don’t know what we might be responding to.”

Fines for illegal fireworks in the city of La Crosse can cost up to $500, including court fees.