Central girls cross country enters new era

Scott Andersen no longer head coach after 36 years

It was last fall and it was the Central girls cross country team’s last meet of the season.  Little did the runners know it was also 36 year head coach Scott Andersen’s last day as well.

“When Coach Andersen told us that he was leaving, I was really upset and we had an award ceremony that night and all of the girls were just balling.  We were so sad,” said sophomore  Sarah Brekke.

So who steps in to take his place?  Six year assistant to Andersen, Isaac Pischke.

“I didn’t think about it as filling shoes, I thought of it as there’s some things that are in my control and that’s me helping make the best program and get the best runners,” said Pischke.

And to make things easier, Andersen stayed on board.  He now assists Pischke.

“He’s been amazing.  He’s a great coach, he’s a great person and he’s been great in the transition in terms of letting me create the programs and take the program where I want to take it,” said Pischke.

“They communicate well and they go together well and Andersen helps him out and it’s good,” said senior Anna Stoflet.

Now with the roles flipped, the Red Raiders are still getting used to the transition.

“Rather than just Andersen leaving us completely with a new coach, Pischke has been here all along too so it’s just kind of getting used to who were actually listening to versus who were used to listening to,” said senior Sam Klingelhofer.

And whether it’s Andersen or Pischke doing the talking, they both motivate the same.

“They’re really positive.  They’re kind of like dads.  They’re there to support you and be there for you,” says Stoflet.

“They’re just as goofy and out there as we are.  They’re really good at encouraging us.  I mean I’m in the middle of a race.  I’m not really thinking about anything in particular.  I pick their voices out of anyone during my races and it’s kind of who I look for to encourage me,” says Klingelhofer.