Central/Logan’s Lansing shares passion for gymnastics, music

At practice, Caelen Lansing perfects her aerial acrobatics

“It’s just really exhilarating when you do the skills. When you get new skills, it’s really exciting,” Caelen Lansing said.

While many may marvel at the stunts, Lansing sees it a bit differently.

“It’s a way to express yourself,” Caelen Lansing said.

Each flip and jump showcasing her creativity, an instrumental skill she learned off the mat through instruments. Along with being a star gymnast, Lansing is also an accomplished musician, falling in love with the sound at the age of 3.

“Her dad was home with her a lot when she was young. And they always had classical music going in the background,” Caelen’s mom Kimberly Lansing said.

“I just like making music. I think it’s probably a stress reliever. Gives me a chance to take a break,” Caelen Lansing said.

Lansing is fluent in 3 instruments.

“I started with piano when I was probably 4. I started Harp when I was 7. And flute came when it was offered through school,” Caelen Lansing said.

“She likes to put herself into everything she does. Really lets the feeling of that music come out when she’s playing,” Kimberly Lansing said.

And just like gymnastics, sometimes the outcome isn’t perfect.

“There’s a lot of repetition with both of them. You have to practice it over and over until you get it right,” Caelen Lansing said.

But when she’s able to land that difficult move, or hit the strings just right, there’s nothing better to Lansing.

“It’s just like when you are doing something you enjoy, it’s that similar feeling,” Caelen Lansing said.