Central’s Davis overcomes significant injury, expands role on court

Coming in as the defending Division 2 state champs, Sophomore Jordan Davis isn’t ready for Central High to give that up this season.

“I think we can repeat back to back state championships if we work hard. We have the right mindset and team for the job. We have a pretty good shot,” Jordan Davis said.

One of the new faces of the Red Raiders, Davis is doing his part, chipping in 11 points a game.

“He just continues to get better and better each passing day. And stronger and stronger with it,” Head Coach Todd Fergot said.

Not bad for a player who 4 months prior was being carted off into an ambulance.

“I saw it first and I was like wow. I got dizzy. It was crazy,” Davis said.

In the first football game this fall, Davis came down awkwardly on his left foot, dislocating his ankle, ending his year as quickly as it started.

“I just looked at it and it was bent. I was like there has to be something wrong..It was throbbing, shooting pain. It hurt so bad,” Davis said.

“Quite honestly, I’ve never seen an injury like that up close in particular,” Fergot said.

As scary as it looked, Davis escaped from suffering significant damage.

“Nothing was broken. I stretched my ligaments. I didn’t tear any ligaments, didn’t break anything. I was really lucky,” Davis said.

No broken bones meant 10 weeks maximum recovery time, back in time for his number one sport basketball.

“Once I started running on it and doing physical therapy. I didn’t feel any pain. I was getting everything back quickly,” Davis said

“I was in the back of my mind thinking, probably if we got him back by January 1st. I was hopeful for that. I didn’t think we would get him back as soon as we did,” Fergot said.

Davis says he’s still a few weeks away from where he wants to be physically. Once that happens, he’ll be back to breaking some ankles of defenders and not worrying about his own.

“I want to be aggressive but I want to be safe with my ankle. Other than that I seem fine,” Davis said.