CERT graduates respond to mock disaster scenario


ONALASKA, Wis. — Newly trained CERT graduates had a chance to put their skills to the test. They participated in a mock disaster scenario in Onalaska.

In the drill, a tornado tore through a fictitious mobile home park, causing dozens of casualties.

Nearly 100 people went through the Community Emergency Response Team training.

Officials say having trained citizens can only help should there be a real disaster.

“We want the community emergency response team graduates, who have gone through that citizen training to go out there and process a disaster, just the way they would if a real disaster struck their community. And then the fire department will come in and back them up and they’ll exchange the process and go through the whole circumstance of incident command, scene stabilization, victim accountability. I think it’s going to be a pretty good test,” said Keith Butler.

If you’re interested, the training is free. The next session will be next spring.