Change at quarterback behind Logan’s success

Winners of four straight, Logan is living a dream.

“The kids are excited to be out here each day and just to keep the dream alive each day, it’s been a lot of fun for us,” said Logan Head Coach Casey Knoble.

“It is the second time in school history we’ve gotten this far, so it kind of is a privilege to be out here,” said junior wide receiver Jonah Waite.

The big reason for Logan’s four game win streak might be a positive out of a negative. When quarterback Jonah Waite got injured, he moved to wide receiver. Wide receiver Mitch Schreiner moved to quarterback.


“My shoulder I think the doctor said something about subpluxed it, and every time I got hit, it’d go numb so I couldn’t feel it,” Waite said. “My mom didn’t want me to continue to get hurt, and quarterback got hit a lot, so so she said receiver would be better of,f so I just moved out there.”

“It’s kind of been unreal,” Mitch Schreiner said. ” I started off playing defense and we had some struggles at first, but stuff has been changed around. We’ve really picked up the season. It’s kinda crazy.”

“We decided to make a change at one point in the season and when we changed our offense, it kind of fits Mitch’s style a bit more of play action,” said Knoble. “He’s so smart, he’s a game manager.”

Knoble hopes the one thing that doesn’t change is his team’s attitude.
His message before Tuesday’s practice: enjoy the experience.

“I’m just trying to make them understand how special this is,” Knoble said. “How much this means to our school, to them, and really the whole north side.”

“We’re having a lot of fun,” said Schreiner. “When you’re winning, everything seems to be like it’s right there for you, so it’s easy to enjoy.”