Chief Election Official encourages Wisconsinites to engage with public information about elections


WISCONSIN (WKBT) – Wisconsin’s Chief Election Official, Meagan Wolfe, responded to questions about the state’s election process.

Last Thursday, a Racine County Sheriff, who supports former President Donald Trump, accused the Elections Commission of breaking the law during the last presidential election.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is a bipartisan group controlled by an equal number of republicans and democrats.

Wolfe says none of the decisions made by the group happen behind closed doors.

“Every aspect of elections, including how the commission makes their decisions, is open to the public,” said Wolfe. “I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding of the process, and that tends to be perpetuated, and so people continue to misunderstand the process.”

Wolfe says she encourages people to engage with the information made available to the public to learn how the election process works.

That information, as well as links to Elections Commission meetings, are on