Children learn about health field at 9th Annual Teddy Bear Clinic

Gundersen Health System staff members taught children about medical exams

The doctor’s office can be a scary place for children but health professionals in La Crosse are determined to make the experience for kids a little bit better.

Staff members at Gundersen Health System held its ninth annual Teddy Bear Clinic Sunday at the Children’s Museum in La Crosse.    

Children of all ages got the chance to learn about different medical exams in a fun way by performing checkups and x-rays on their stuffed animals   

One organizer said it exposes the kids to a variety of medical equipment in hopes of taking the fear out of doctor visits.

“It’s not to prepare them for a specific thing because we hope the kids don’t have to ever experience some of the things at the hospital but it at least gets them familiar with it,” said Jenny Noel, a child life specialist at Gundersen.

The event usually attracts between 300 and 350 kids.