Children’s Museum holds fundraiser to refurbish building, displays

‘Play It Forward' first fundraising campaign since

A local nonprofit is hosting a fundraising campaign to benefit children in the La Crosse area.

The Children’s Museum of La Crosse is looking to raise two million dollars for a museum re-imagining project. Museum officials began planning the ‘Play It Forward’ campaign after welcoming their one millionth visitor last August.

The refurbishing project would improve and expand on many of the museum’s current displays.

“Everyone’s heard a story about a child that took everything apart and then became an engineer as an adult, or a child that played with dolls constantly and became a caretaker or a nurse. So I think that we all know how important play is. It’s just we get to celebrate it here every day,” said Children’s Museum of La Crosse Executive Director Anne Snow.

‘Play It Forward’ is the first fundraising campaign the Children’s Museum of La Crosse has held since 1999.

If you would like to contribute to the museum’s project you can find a gifting option at