Chilean president asks ministers to resign after week of unrest

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera has asked all of his ministers to resign so he may reshuffle his Cabinet.

Piñera made the announcement in a televised address Saturday, saying that a new cabinet is needed to move forward after days of protests roiled the country.

Piñera also proposed lifting on Sunday the state of emergency he declared October 18 “if the circumstances permit.”

The military said in a statement that it is lifting the nighttime curfew that was in effect in the capital for seven straight nights in the Santiago metropolitan region.

The military also said the capital is returning to normal functioning.

Piñera tweeted late Friday night that “we all have heard the message” coming from mass streets demonstrations that took place nationwide for more than a week and continued late Friday night.

“The massive, joyous and peaceful protest today, where Chileans ask for a Chile with greater justice and solidarity, opens big roads to future and hope. We all have heard the message. We all have changed. With unity and help from God, we will travel this road to a better Chile for everyone,” his tweet read.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Santiago Friday night after more than a week of demonstrations that have seen 19 people killed and hundreds injured.

Police responded to demonstrators by firing tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons.

The National Congress building in Valparaiso, northwest of Santiago, was evacuated Friday.

Chamber of Deputies President Iván Flores García released a statement to media saying he asked officials to leave the building because of the demonstrations.