“Christmas for Kids” program a success

Four-hundred kids have gifts, despite a couple trying to steal money from a fundraiser

The Sparta area is once again showing its generosity to help put presents under the Christmas trees of families in need.

Gifts and money were donated to “Christmas for Kids,” a program helping about 400 kids in the area. They’ve been running the program on and off since 1997.

It almost faced a setback this year, after a couple who was doing a fundraiser for the program actually stole about 6-hundred dollars from the event, which is enough money to buy gifts for about two dozen kids.

Although the police caught them and the money was returned, Michel Hamilton, the coordinator of Christmas for Kids, says the community had already stepped in to help. “Christmas is coming on December 25th, whether it’s got something trying to stop us or not, said Hamilton, “it’s important to get the kids their gifts and if you’re there the day of distribution and you see how happy some of these families are just to know they have something under the Christmas tree, it makes it so worthwhile.”

Some Sparta Police Officers and Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies helped deliver the presents. The program was also able to provide Christmas trees and a meal for some families.

“We come from a great community, so there was a lot of people that stepped up and made sure we didn’t have to worry about that” said Hamilton.